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Fail-safe bundle for POS cash register systems +++ Reliably and securely process payment transactions even during power failures
Safety & Efficiency: 100W Medical Power +++ Medical AC/DC desktop adapter with protection class II
DC UPS solution for 100h long-term backup +++ Intelligent 24V emergency power supply with safe LiFePO4 battery technology
Industrial PC PSU with 24VDC input +++ Highest quality and reliability for industrial and mobile systems
Safe power supply for medical technology +++ External AC/DC desktop adapters with international approvals
160W AC adapter for medical technology +++ Robust, durable and energy-saving
'Entry Level' bundle for 12th Gen Intel® Core™ +++ µATX Board and ATX12V IPC PSU for cost-sensitive applications
Blackout? DC UPS with Supercaps protects! +++ Buffered 24VDC power supply is quickly charged and ready for use
Available immediately: Mini-ITX AMD Ryzen™ with ECC DDR4 memory +++ Industrial-grade embedded solution for gaming, retail, POS & surveillance

New inrush current limiter with 10A +++ Reliable protection for flexible and space-saving system integration

USB-C power solution for the industry +++ AC/DC power supply meets international safety and energy standards

40W fanless power for medical applications +++ International safety approvals and extensive accessories

Fail-safe ATX PSU +++ IPC power supply with integrated UPS function and USB interface
Energy-saving USB-C desktop power supply for industry +++ International safety approvals
Immediately available: 10W DC/DC converter with wide-range input +++ Compact. Insulated. Flexible.
AC UPS with up to 10 years lifetime +++ Uninterruptible power supply with longlife Cyclon cells up to +60°C
Available immediately: New inrush current limiter with 10A +++ Reliable protection for flexible and space-saving system integration
Available from stock: Industrial PC Bundle 'ATX Comet Lake' +++ Platinum IPC power supply and ATX board for 10th Gen Intel® Core™
Extremely robust industrial AC adapter +++ International safety certifications and durable premium components
'Alder Lake' bundle for high-performance IPCs +++ 12th Gen Intel® Core™ offers maximum performance for industrial applications
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