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Redundancy module for phase monitoring +++ Automatic switchover and signaling in case of phase outage
High-Power Industrial ATX PSU +++ Highly efficient, robust and powerful
AC adapters for the industry +++ Reliable external power supply with international approvals
Powerful 24V emergency power supply with lead batteries (SLA) +++ DC UPS solution for 20A or 40A with matching battery module
13th Gen Intel® Core™ +++ More performance for industrial and medical applications
AC UPS for ambient temperature up to +60°C +++ 1000VA line-interactive sine wave with longlife Cyclon® cells
24V DC UPS solution for long-term backup +++ Emergency power supply with safe LiFePO4 battery technology
All-In-One DC UPS protects 24V systems +++ Compact emergency power supply with integrated LiFePO4 battery
100W Medical Power with protection class II +++ Medical AC/DC desktop adapter power supplies for maximum safety and efficiency
DC/DC converter for mobile applications +++ Ultra-wide input range 6...36V and flexibly selectable output voltage
Fail-safe IPC power supply +++ UPS function protects systems in case of power failure & voltage dips
Protecting POS systems in case of power failure +++ Bundle solution for fail-safe processing of payment transactions
48V power supplies available from stock! +++ Many designs and power classes for industry & medical technology
300W DC/DC converter for Alder Lake Boards +++ Optimized DC power supply for highly dynamic power requirements
Effectively limiting inrush currents +++ Reliable protection for flexible and space saving integration
Failure safety in control cabinets +++ DC emergency power supplies with Supercaps for 12 VDC and 24 VDC
DIN-Rail PSUs for Smart Manufacturing +++ Long-life AC/DC switch mode power supplies with Real-Time Status Display
Kontron Award 2022 for Bicker Elektronik +++ Our team was awarded as 'Best Added Value' Sales Partner 2022
DC UPS with 16-32VDC wide range input +++ All-In-One 12V emergency power supply for Industry, Medical & Transportation
Li-Ion battery pack with IEC/EN 62133-2 +++ Reliable energy storage for demanding industrial and medical applications
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