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Bicker Elektronik gets Kontron Award 2021 +++ We are proud about the award as 'Best Motherboard Business Developer'
Reliable protection in case of power failures and faults +++ UPS module for 12VDC with integrated 10-Year LiFePO4 battery pack
Available immediately: Integrable 230VAC emergency power supply +++ Space-saving AC UPS for 5.25" installation or mounting with wall bracket
Immediately available: Industrial PC bundle for 8./9. Gen Intel® Core™ +++ µATX Board plus ATX12V PSU according to IEC/EN/UL62368-1(Ed.2)
Safe limitation of high inrush currents +++ Reliable protection for flexible and space-saving system integration
2-in-1 PSU saves space, energy and costs +++ One AC/DC switching PSU supplies
Li-Ion battery pack with IEC/EN 62133-2 +++ Reliable energy storage for demanding industrial and medical applications
12V DC UPS with wide-range input +++ DC/DC converter 16–32V to 12V combined with Supercap buffering
Extra-flat 75 Watt Panel Mount PSUs +++ Convection-cooled power supplies for industry – IEC/EN/UL 62368-1
'Comet Lake' bundle with 6–36VDC input +++ The 10th generation Intel® Core™ for powerful embedded IPCs
Failure safety for your 24VDC application +++ DC UPS emergency power supply with 10-year LiFePO4 battery technology
Reliable supply of industrial motherboards +++ Part 2: Single DC Power Supply
Reliable supply of industrial motherboards +++ Part 1: DC-ATX power supply
Bicker Elektronik gets ASUS IoT Award 2021 +++ We are happy about the award as 'Best Industrial Mainboard Distributor'
Fail-safe Mini-ITX IPC bundle +++ For 8th/9th Generation Intel® Core™ with DC ATX converter & 24VDC UPS
Protection & Safety for your 24VDC application +++ DC UPS with Supercaps for quick charging and operational readiness
Nonstop-Power bundle for safety-relevant 24VDC applications +++ Fail-safety, performance and reliability from a single source
Bicker Elektronik – Next Generation +++ Tom Bicker joins the management of Bicker Elektronik GmbH
Available from stock: New 'Comet Lake' Industrial PC Bundle +++ Platinum IPC PSU and ATX board for 10th Gen Intel® Core™
'Pre-order' function reserves goods for you! +++ Place your order now and have goods delivered directly as soon as they are available
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