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Three new industrial ATX power supplies from the Delta GPS series (850W / 1000W / 1300W) impress with their combination of high energy efficiency with 80PLUS® certification and the robustness of an industrial PC power supply. With powerful 12V outputs, they are perfect for powering the latest generation of mainboards.
Utilise the power of the 13th generation Intel® Core™ for high-performance computer systems in industry and medical technology. The
With our Power+Board solution, system developers receive a reliable and long-term available complete solution from a single source. In addition to power supply solutions from Bicker Elektronik, the latest product series from technology partners Kontron, Cervoz and EKL are used.
We received the award for 'Best Motherboard Business Developer 2021' from technology partner Kontron. Peter Hoser, VP Product Center Boards and Thomas Stanik, Business Development Manager at Kontron, personally presented the award to embedded specialist Fred Knapp from Bicker Elektronik.
We are all very moved and touched by the current events in Ukraine and the fate of the people there. The Bicker Elektronik GmbH team therefore decided at the end of February to set a sign of solidarity.
When handing over the award personally to embedded specialist Fred Knapp of Bicker Elektronik, Michael Hilpert, Sr. Marketing Manager ASUS IoT, emphasized that in addition to the excellent sales figures, Bicker Elektronik's particularly extensive value-added services also played an important role.
As of now, Markus and Tom Bicker are not only a good team as father and son, but also in the management of the company Bicker Elektronik. It is particularly important to them to convince global customers as a reliable partner and innovative solution provider with quality and know-how.
The DC emergency power supply UPSI-2406DP1 with integrated Li-Ion battery reliably bridges power failures, brownouts and flicker in 24 VDC supply network. The compact DC UPS modules are approved to IEC/UL/CSA 61010-1 / -2-201 and ideal for long-term use in switch cabinets and decentralized self-sufficient solutions. The new intelligent UPSI-2406DP1 protects industrial and medical PCs, controls, motor drives, sensors, measurement devices, safety technology, etc.
The new DC UPS UPSIC-1205 and UPSIC-2403 use double-layer capacitors (Ultra-capacitors / SuperCaps) as compact and maintenance-free energy storage with short charging times.
The new modular DC-UPS system UPSI is available with maintenance-free supercaps as energy storage and protects DC consumers against voltage fluctuations, flicker, brownouts or failure the supply voltage.
With the two new models BEO-0812 (+12V) and BEO-0824 (+24V) we are expanding our AC/DC switching power supply series BEO by the power class 80 watts fanless or 150 watts ventilated.
Fanless DC-DC converter DC160WS with 6-36 V input delivers 160 watts of continuous power at constant high efficiency of up to 98% and provides selectable output voltages of 12 / 19 / 24 V.
For reliable protection against fluctuations, flicker or failures of the DC supply voltage, the modules are equipped with supercaps as maintenance-free energy storage and have intelligent charging and control electronics.
The new UPSI IP-2 Series Uninterruptible Power Supply ensures reliable DC power supply to 12V / 24V loads in harsh industrial and mobile applications.
The new IPC power supply BEA-750H with 24V DC additional output supplies with its powerful equipment current motherboards and at the same time further 24VDC components of the system.
What factors must developers consider when selecting and sizing DC UPS systems? Our free whitepaper provides valuable expertise and answers...
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