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DC UPS with SuperCaps for uninterruptible 12V / 24V power supply

UPSIC-1205 / UPSIC-2403
Maintenance-free DC UPS with (almost) unlimited applications uses ultra-capacitors as energy storage

The two DC UPS systems UPSIC-1205 (12 VDC / 5A) or UPSIC-2403 (24 VDC / 3A) are equipped with ultracapacitors (so-called SuperCaps) as energy storage devices to protect against voltage fluctuations, flicker, voltage drops or failures of the supply voltage. SuperCaps work according to the principle of double-layer capacitors.

In contrast to batteries that store energy through a chemical reaction, SuperCaps are based on electrophysical principles and are loaded and ready within a very short time, operating over a wide temperature range and providing high current rating, power density and reliability. Due to the high cycle stability (> 500,000 charging and discharging cycles), DC UPS systems with double-layer capacitors have a particularly long service life and a wide operating temperature range. For the supplied system, this means an increase in long-term availability while minimizing maintenance efforts.


Equipped with 4x 100F capacity, the DC UPS modules are fully charged in a maximum of 60 seconds and safely provide power to connected DC loads. Three LEDs indicate Supercaps charging status, normal and backup mode. With the integrated relay contact, external units can be switched at "PowerFail". In addition, the SuperCap UPS has a communication interface (RS232, I2C, SMB).


SuperCaps can be charged and discharged at high currents, which results in short charging times and high peak output power. With our UPSIC UPS solutions, intelligent power sharing at the input ensures that the upstream AC/DC power supply does not need to be oversized, due to the input power is kept constant and distributed appropriately to the load and the SuperCap loader. At low load at the output, more energy flows into the SuperCap loader and vice versa.

Versatile applications

Due to the compact dimensions with a high power density and the corresponding interface equipment, the integration of the UPSIC UPS solutions into a variety of sensitive applications is possible.


The (almost) unlimited fields of application include the uninterrupted power supply of DC loads such as motors, sensors, actuators, card readers, etc. in IIoT / Industry 4.0, laboratory and medical technology, robotics, kiosk, vending machines, cash register and payment systems, POS / POI as well as for mobile applications and more.

All features at a glancee
  • Maintenance-free DC UPS systems for 12V or 24V
  • Ultracapacitors (SuperCaps) as energy storage
  • Regulated output voltage in UPS operation
  • High cycle stability >500,000 cycles (charge/discharge)
  • Charging time <60 sec with maximum charging current
  • Extended temperature range -20…+70 °C
  • 94% energy efficiency
  • Intelligent sharing of charging currents (PowerSharing)
  • Active polarity protection
  • Power fail signal via relay contact and COM interface RS232 / I2C
  • Compact design 135 x 79.5 x 35 mm
  • High-quality components in industrial quality
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation
  • Individual design-in-advice
  • Excellent service & support
  • Long-term availability at least 5 years
  • 3 years warranty

Available in two versions:

Bicker UPSIC-1205 | 12 VDC / 5A

Input voltage: 12 VDC (11.6…16 V)
Output UPS operation:  12 VDC
Output normal operation: Vin – 0.3 V
Output current: 5 A


Bicker UPSIC-2403 | 24 VDC / 3A

Input voltage: 24 VDC (22.5…30 V)
Output UPS operation: 24 VDC
Output normal operation: Vin – 0.2 V
Output current:: 3 A


Our featured article on "SuperCap-UPS" with a lot of detailed information

In the featured article to the subject, we show by an example in medical technology, how uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with ultra-capacitors ensure the non-stop availability of the supplied systems and why the use of SuperCaps can be a particularly economical solution. We provide insights into the topology and illustrate the possibilities of modern SuperCaps as energy storage with high power density.


Personal design-in advice

We would be pleased to advise you individually and personally regarding the possible integration into your specific application. Please contact us for an on-site consultation with one of our competent sales engineers.

We look forward to your inquiry: +49 (0)906 / 70595-0


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