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Fanless DC-DC converter DC160WS with 6-36 V input delivers 160 watts of continuous power at constant high efficiency of up to 98% and provides selectable output voltages of 12 / 19 / 24 V.
For reliable protection against fluctuations, flicker or failures of the DC supply voltage, the modules are equipped with supercaps as maintenance-free energy storage and have intelligent charging and control electronics.
The new UPSI IP-2 Series Uninterruptible Power Supply ensures reliable DC power supply to 12V / 24V loads in harsh industrial and mobile applications.
The new IPC power supply BEA-750H with 24V DC additional output supplies with its powerful equipment current motherboards and at the same time further 24VDC components of the system.
What factors must developers consider when selecting and sizing DC UPS systems? Our free whitepaper provides valuable expertise and answers...
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