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110x103x74 mm, 65W TDP, incl. backplate CPU cooler, für LGA 17xx, heatpipes

EKL active cooling solution

  • Socket Type: LGA 17xx
  • Heat sink material: aluminium with copper core and three heatpipes
  • Fan speed: 500-1800 U/min
  • 65W TDP
  • noise level: 22,7 dBA
  • hydraulic bearing
  • Dimension complete: 110Lx103Wx74H mm
  • with backplate
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Weight: 0.195 kg

DDR5 DIMM, 4800MHz, 8 GB
  • Non-ECC
  • 1G x 16
  • single rank
1-9 pieces €148.27 incl. VAT.
K3841-Q µATX Kontron Industrie Serie / Intel®Q670E
Chipset Q670E
  • Socket LGA1700
  • Chipset Q670E, Alder Lake-S
  • 12th Generation Intel® Core-i3/5/7/9, Pentium/Celeron
  • DC input 12V
Price on request
CIE-M8T405MMF128GS Industrial M.2 2280 Module / T405 / 128GB
M.2 2280,128 GB, TLC
  • Interface: PCIe Gen3 x4
  • Standard Temp.: 0°C -70°C
1-9 pieces €81.75 incl. VAT.
BEA-550K Industrie PC-Netzteil
500W / ATX12V
  • High efficiency up to 92%
  • Designed for continuous operation 24/7
  • No minimum load required!
  • 3 years warranty
1-9 pieces €193.85 incl. VAT.
UPSI-2412DP3 Intelligente DC-USV mit LiFePO4
240W / 24VDC 10A
  • DC UPS with LiFePo battery inside
  • Powerful and reliable
  • USB and RS232 Interface
  • Operating temperature range -20°…+55°C
1-9 pieces €835.14 incl. VAT.
EKL-21905 CPU cooler, für LGA 115x/1200, Aluminiumdesign
active cooling with axial fan
  • Socket Type: LGA115X/1200
  • Heat sink: aluminium
  • with backplate
1-9 pieces €13.45 incl. VAT.
UPSI-2412DP2 Intelligente DC-USV mit Supercaps
240W / 24VDC 10A
  • DC UPS with Supercaps inside
  • Maintenance free and durable
  • Power-Fail timer function
  • Operating temperature range -20°…+70°C
1-9 pieces €608.68 incl. VAT.
ACTIVE-COOLER-F5000-C020 Aktiver Kühler für D3713-V/R / max. 54W TDP
Active heatsink kit
  • Active cooler
  • Copper/aluminium with fan
  • max. 54W TDP
1-9 pieces €59.74 incl. VAT.
T1NA-BSI7-E125Z-1 CPU Cooler for LGA 115x, 1U heat sink axial fan
1U active cooling with axial fan
  • Socket Type: LGA115X
  • Heat Sink Material: Copper
1-9 pieces €50.69 incl. VAT.
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