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New Bicker product catalogues 2019 available!

Now available!

New product catalogues 2019 are now available: "Power Solutions" with the latest power supply and UPS solutions, as well as "Power+Board Solutions" with certified complete solutions from a single source.

Selecting the right battery technology for long-lasting and safe DC UPS systems

Free whitepaper

What factors must developers consider when selecting and sizing DC UPS systems? Our free whitepaper provides valuable expertise and answers ...

Maintenance-free DC UPS system for 12V / 24V with super capacitors

Uninterruptible power supply UPSI with BP-SUC energy packs

The new modular DC-UPS system UPSI is available with maintenance-free supercaps as energy storage and protects DC consumers against voltage fluctuations, flicker, brownouts or failure the supply voltage.

2-in-1 Industrial PC power supply with ATX & 24V DC auxiliary output

Space and cost-saving solution

The new IPC power supply BEA-750H with 24V DC additional output supplies with its powerful equipment current motherboards and at the same time further 24VDC components of the system.

μExtension module for supercap UPS optimizes mainboard connection

Real-time data monitoring, built-in reboot and many more features

The intelligent μExtension module PSZ-1063 extends the functionality of the maintenance-free DC UPS UPSIC-1205/ -2403 & DC2412-UPS (-LD) and optimizes the connection to current mainboards.

DC UPS with SuperCaps for uninterruptible 12V / 24V power supply

Double-layer capacitors (SuperCaps) as compact and maintenance-free energy storage

The new DC UPS UPSIC-1205 and UPSIC-2403 use double-layer capacitors (Ultra-capacitors / SuperCaps) as compact and maintenance-free energy storage with short charging times.

embedded world 2019 in Nuremburg – Visit our booth!

We are looking forward to interesting conversations!

Visit our booth 2-101 at the world's largest embedded trade fair in Nuremberg from February 26 – 28, 2019. Discover in a cozy Bavarian atmosphere the latest solutions in Power+Board, power supply and UPS systems.

160-Watt-DC/DC converter with 98% efficiency and 6-36V input

Three selectable output voltages 12 / 19 / 24 V

DC/DC converter DC160WS with 6-36 V input delivers 160 Watt fanless continuous power with a constant high efficiency of up to 98% and provides jumper selectable output voltages 12 / 19 / 24 V.

Fanless medical PSU for 24/7 continuous operation

AC / DC switching power supply with 2xMOPP and many features delivers 300 watts - fanless!

The new AC/DC Switching Power Supply BEO-3000MC is designed for space-saving and fanless operation in compact medical devices and medical computer systems.

Markus Bicker on Markt&Technik VIP stage

Interview at embedded world 2018

At the embedded world 2018, Engelbert Hopf from Markt&Technik talked to Markus Bicker about current trends in power supplies and Power+Board solutions - Watch the interview video here...

Bicker Elektronik takes 2nd place at "Product of the Year 2017"

Innovative DC UPS solution makes it to the winner's podium

The readers of the professional magazine "Elektronik" voted the DC2412-UPS to 2nd place in the category "Power supply"! With great joy we received the prize.

Bicker Elektronik GmbH receives Fujitsu-Award

Best Business Development Partner

We were honored with the Fujitsu Award "Best Business Development Partner". The award acknowledges our long-term partnership and extremely successful cooperation. We are very proud of this award!

Fail-safe DC/DC converter with maintenance-free Supercap UPS

For IoT / Industry 4.0, kiosk, POI/POS, signage, medical & laboratory technology and more

The uninterruptible 12V power supply DC 2412-UPS safely bridges fluctuations, dips or short-term total failures of the 24 VDC supply voltage.

New industrial mainboards for Apollo Lake processors

Available at Bicker Elektronik!

More computing and graphics performance - less energy consumption. For the new Apollo Lake processors we present three new industrial mainboards from ASRock. Discover the advantages of the new Intel® Atom platform!

24V DC UPS with intelligent battery lifetime display

Uninterruptible power supply for DIN-rail mounting

The 24 V DC UPS system UPSI-2403 allows preventive maintenance of the battery packs by intelligent battery lifetime display.
Artesyn Netzteile

ARTESYN™ PSUs and DC/DC convertes available at Bicker Elektronik

Bicker Elektronik is distribution partner of ARTESYN™ Embedded Technologies

As a distribution partner of ARTESYN™ Embedded Technologies, Bicker Elektronik provides its customers with the comprehensive EmbeddedPower portfolio including service & support.

Full-brick power module delivers full 100 watts at 80°C

New Bicker BEN-100 module with only 17 mm height

The new AC / DC Power Module BEN-100 provides with appropriate contact cooling the full power of 100 watts at 80°C and convinces with high efficiency and excellent EMC properties.
Bicker Power+Board-Lösungen

Everything from one source: "Power+Board" bundles from Bicker Elektronik

For safe and reliable IPC and Embedded Systems

Power supply + mainboard bundles for safe and reliable IPC and embedded systems. Take advantage of our tested combinations ...
20 Jahre Jubilaeum Bicker Elektronik GmbH

Bicker Elektronik celebrates its 20th anniversary

With high quality power solutions and excellent service to success!

For the past 20 years the satisfaction of our customers has been the decisive factor for a sustainable positive development of our company. …

Bicker Elektronik extends warranty to 3 years

As of now, Bicker Elektronik provides a three year extended manufacturer´s warranty on all its power supplies. Customers profit from more service and security – without extra charge.