DC UPS with maintenance-free Supercaps (DIN rail)


12V DC-UPS / 5 A (DIN Rail)

The UPSIC-1205D in a compact DIN rail housing reliably protects connected loads from fluctuations and interruptions in the supply voltage. Maintenance-free supercaps ensure extremely high cycle stability and short charging time. Through the intelligent "power-sharing", the source does not need to be oversized to load the supercaps. In addition, the UPSIC-1205D offers active reverse polarity protection, a power fail signal via a relay contact and a free software with timer function. The built-in reboot feature allows the system to reboot when the input voltage returns during shutdown or at another time. Via the BIOS, the start function can be activated when input voltage is applied. In addition, a dip switch can be used to enable the output of the UPS only when the capacitors have reached more than 90% of their charge. The operation of the UPS at the host is also possible without software.