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Markus Bicker on Markt&Technik VIP stage
At the embedded world 2018, Engelbert Hopf from Markt&Technik talked to Markus Bicker about current trends in power supplies and Power+Board solutions - Watch the interview video here...
New! Bicker product catalogues 2018
New 2018 product catalogues are available: "Power Solutions" with state-of-the-art power supply and UPS solutions, as well as "Power+Board" with tested complete solutions from a single source.
DC UPS with SuperCaps for uninterruptible 12V / 24V power supply
The new DC UPS UPSIC-1205 and UPSIC-2403 use double-layer capacitors (Ultra-capacitors / SuperCaps) as compact and maintenance-free energy storage with short charging times.
160-Watt-DC/DC converter with 98% efficiency and 6-36V input
DC/DC converter DC160WS with 6-36 V input delivers 160 Watt fanless continuous power with a constant high efficiency of up to 98% and provides jumper selectable output voltages 12 / 19 / 24 V.
Fanless medical PSU for 24/7 continuous operation
The new AC/DC Switching Power Supply BEO-3000MC is designed for space-saving and fanless operation in compact medical devices and medical computer systems.