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Selecting the right battery technology for long-lasting and safe DC UPS systems
What factors must developers consider when selecting and sizing DC UPS systems? Our free whitepaper provides valuable expertise and answers ...
Maintenance-free DC UPS system for 12V / 24V with super capacitors
The new modular DC-UPS system UPSI is available with maintenance-free supercaps as energy storage and protects DC consumers against voltage fluctuations, flicker, brownouts or failure the supply voltage.
2-in-1 Industrial PC power supply with ATX & 24V DC supplementary output
The new IPC power supply BEA-750H with 24V DC additional output supplies with its powerful equipment current motherboards and at the same time further 24VDC components of the system.
μExtension module for supercap UPS optimizes mainboard connection
The intelligent μExtension module PSZ-1063 extends the functionality of the maintenance-free DC UPS UPSIC-1205/ -2403 & DC2412-UPS (-LD) and optimizes the connection to current mainboards.
DC UPS with SuperCaps for uninterruptible 12V / 24V power supply
The new DC UPS UPSIC-1205 and UPSIC-2403 use double-layer capacitors (Ultra-capacitors / SuperCaps) as compact and maintenance-free energy storage with short charging times.
160-Watt-DC/DC converter with 98% efficiency and 6-36V input
DC/DC converter DC160WS with 6-36 V input delivers 160 Watt fanless continuous power with a constant high efficiency of up to 98% and provides jumper selectable output voltages 12 / 19 / 24 V.