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UPSGen2 Configuration Software

Software 'UPSGen2 Configuration' –
Extended functionality and monitoring 


The free 'UPS Gen2 Configuration' software is available for download. The software is used for setting and parameterizing UPSI DC UPS systems and real-time monitoring. The UPS and battery status displays include all relevant voltages, currents as well as battery temperature, state of charge (SOC), run times and cycles. The parameters that can be preset include the load sensor (mA), shutdown delay, maximum backup time, minimum charge capacity before system start, timer function and restart delay. Autonomous operation is then possible with the set values.



Timer function for controlled system shutdown according to time specification

The new parameter "Shut Down OS in" can also be used to set the time before the computer system is shut down and switched off in the event of a power failure. This means that, in addition to your own operating system settings via the state of charge of the energy storage ("Shut Down OS at SOC"), you can now also define a specific time specification for controlled shutdown in UPS backup mode.


Minimum load detection

In the 'UPSGen2 Configuration' software, the minimum output current to the DC load in UPS battery operation can be set and monitored via the load sensor. If the load at the output of the UPSI falls below this limit value, the integrated LiFePO4 battery is automatically disconnected from the charging and control unit after 10 seconds, so that no unnecessary and creeping discharge can take place. In addition, the UPSI can also be switched off in a defined manner using the minimum load detection.


Potential-free relay contact for PowerFail

The functionality and behavior of the 2-pin relay connection in the event of a power failure can be defined using the 'UPSGen2 Configuration' software: 'Normally Open', 'Normally Closed' or 'Shutdown Pulse'. When the relay is closed, the resistance between the two pins is ⁓ 0 ohms, otherwise the contacts are 'open load'.


Shutdown & Reboot function for IPC systems

In the event of a 'PowerFail', the UPSI signals the failure of the supply voltage via the integrated interface, so that a controlled shutdown of the computer system is initiated and valuable data is saved. After the supply voltage returns, the integrated reboot function automatically restarts the supplied industrial PC without the need for complex on-site intervention, e.g. in the case of completely self-sufficient computer systems in inaccessible locations.



The Software can be downloaded here

The User Manual can be downloaded here



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