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Thin plate pure lead battery technology (TPPL) for extreme environmental conditions


Cyclon® battery solutions for long life and high reliability in UPS applications


Choosing the right battery technology is crucial for the successful use of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems, as they need to ensure a completely reliable power supply when the mains fails. In demanding applications, operating in extreme environmental conditions, robust and reliable battery solutions are essential. Cyclon® battery solutions offer just that – long life and high reliability, even in the most demanding environments. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the technology behind Cyclon® battery cells, as well as highlighting benefits and areas of application.


1. Cyclon® battery technology

Function and construction of the Cyclon® battery cells

Cyclon® battery cells consist of extremely thin, 99.99 % pure lead plates. These offer a larger surface area than conventional batteries and therefore deliver more power. The high-purity acid is being absorbed by Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plates, which act as plate separators to provide leak-proof operation in any position. A robust metal casing provides strong protection against shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. A 3.4 bar safety valve allows gases to escape and automatically reseals to prevent excessive gas accumulation or "drying out" from repeated charging.

Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology for increased performance

Lead-acid batteries have been a proven technology for powering various applications for decades. However, conventional flooded batteries have some disadvantages. One of the main problems is water loss due to the generation of oxygen at the positive electrode and hydrogen at the negative electrode. This leads to the battery having to be regularly refilled with water.

This is where Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology comes in, solving the problem of water loss through gas production and diffusion. As shown in the figure below, an AGM battery has a special, highly absorbent glass structure placed between the electrodes. This structure is slightly under-saturated, resulting in small cavities. These cavities allow the oxygen produced to be transported to the negative electrode, where it reacts with hydrogen and becomes water. This prevents the loss of water. AGM technology is now used by most lead-acid battery manufacturers and has replaced the flooded cell arrangement.

EnerSys® Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology is a further development of AGM technology. This technology replaces the traditional grid design of the electrodes with an ultra-thin lead plate that increases the electrochemical performance of the battery. This results in a longer lifespan, faster charging times and higher discharge currents.

EnerSys® TPPL technology is used in various applications, such as electric vehicles, UPS systems and telecommunication systems. The improved performance and higher reliability of the batteries make TPPL products, such as Cyclon® battery cells, a very good choice for demanding applications where an uninterruptible power supply is required.

The illustration shows the operation of a conventional lead-acid battery (left) and an AGM battery (right):


2. Outstanding performance with long service life

Advantages of Cyclon® battery cells in emergency power supply

Due to their outstanding performance and reliability, Cyclon® batteries are widely used in emergency power supply. They provide a constant power supply for critical applications, ensuring the protection of human life and property. Cyclon® battery cells offer numerous advantages for UPS applications:

  • High performance
    The extremely thin, 99.99 % pure lead plates offer a larger surface area and thus deliver more power than conventional batteries.
  • Long service life
    The batteries have a long service life and are designed for use in critical applications.
  • Fast charging
    The Cyclon® battery cells can be charged in less than one hour.
  • Leak-proof
    The high-purity acid is absorbed in absorbent glass mats to allow leak-proof operation in any position.
  • Environmentally friendly
    The Cyclon® battery cells are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
  • Resistant
    The robust metal casing provides strong protection against shocks, vibrations and extreme temperatures.
  • Designed for extreme conditions
    Cyclon® battery cells perform remarkably well in extreme applications and temperatures - with up to two times the capacity at -20°C.
  • Safety valve
    A 3.4 bar safety valve allows gases to escape and automatically reseals to prevent excessive gas accumulation or "drying out" from repeated charging.

3. Ideal for demanding UPS applications

Uncompromising reliability under extreme operating conditions

Cyclon® battery cells are frequently used in applications where a reliable emergency power supply is required under sometimes extreme ambient conditions or increased requirements. Here you will find a selection of typical applications from the fields of industry, medical technology, communication, energy, infrastructure and mobile systems.

  • Industrial PC systems (IPC)
    Industrial computer systems need to be operational at all times, as they are often used in production or manufacturing environments. A power failure here can lead to production downtimes and quality problems, which in turn can have a negative impact on business results. A reliable backup power supply is therefore essential. Cyclon® battery solutions are used in industrial PC systems as a backup power supply. They provide a reliable and powerful power supply that works even in extreme conditions and temperatures. The robust metal outer casing protects the batteries from shocks, vibrations and extreme temperatures in production environments.

  • Medical technology
    Thanks to their robust and reliable design, Cyclon® battery solutions are ideal for mobile medical devices that require a reliable power supply, such as medical PCs, portable defibrillators, cardiac monitoring devices and portable respirators. Another important application of Cyclon® battery cells in medical technology is emergency power supply (UPS). In critical medical environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes, a power failure can be life-threatening. Cyclon® battery cells provide a reliable backup power supply for these systems, ensuring that they continue to function in the event of a power failure. These cells are capable of operating reliably in high or low temperatures and can also be used in humid or dusty environments, making them ideal for use in emergency medical and rescue equipment.

  • Mobile applications
    Cyclon® battery cells can also be used in mobile applications for uninterruptible power supply. These are installed in commercial vehicles, fork-lift trucks or industrial trucks, for example. A reliable backup power supply is particularly important here, as an interruption in the power supply can lead to dangerous situations and logistics problems. Cyclon® battery cells provide a powerful and reliable backup power supply that works at all times, even at high or low temperatures as well as shocks and vibrations.

  • Renewable Energies, Telecommunications and Infrastructure
    With their long-lasting and reliable performance, Cyclon® battery cells are also ideal for use in measurement, control and regulation systems of solar and wind power plants, monitoring systems and other applications in modern infrastructure that require a continuous power supply. Cyclon® battery technology provides a reliable and efficient storage solution for UPS systems, enabling continuous power supply at all times, even during power outages, voltage fluctuations or flicker.


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