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3.5” Micro Module Avalue, Intel®Celeron J3455


Avalue Industrial & Embedded Motherboard
3.5” Micro Module Avalue, Intel®Celeron J3455 Apollo Lake, CPU bottom side, QC, 2,3GHz, fanless
  • Intel® Celeron® J3455 SoC BGA Processor (with CPU Bottom Mounted)
  • 1x 204pin DDR3L SO-DIMM up to 8G
  • Triple Display (Dual HDMI, VGA)
  • 1 x SATA III,4 x USB3.0 ,2 xUSB2.0, 2 COMs ,2x Mini-PCIe, 8-bit GPIO
  • TPM 2.0
  • Support wide temp.-40~+85 degrees (optional)
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Weight: 0.2 kg

Form factor: 3,5"
Chip set: J3455 Apollo Lake

WEEE-Nr: DE18400369

J3455T-IM-A thin mini-ITX ASUS, Industrie Serie, Intel®J3455
  • Intel®J3455
  • Supports 3 displays configuration by multiple interface
1-9 pieces €238.83 incl. VAT.
SBC-212-WT-GB 3,5" ASRock Ind. Series, with E3845 processor
Intel® Baytrail-l E3845
  • Intel® Baytrail-l E3845
  • 12-36V DC-in
1-9 pieces €345.58 incl. VAT.
IMB-193 mini-ITX ASRock Ind. Series, Intel®H110 Chipset
Chipset H110
  • Socket LGA 1151
  • 6th/7th Generation Intel® Core-i3/5/7, Celeron
  • +12V or +19V~+24V DC-In
1-9 pieces €182.78 incl. VAT.
MIX-Q370D1-SIO thin mini-ITX AAEON Industrie, Intel®Q370 Express
Chipset Q370
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 x 4
  • 8th/9th Generation Intel® Core-i3/5/7, Pentium
  • 12VDC Power Input
1-9 pieces €257.04 incl. VAT.
N5105I-IM-A mini-ITX ASUS, Industrie Serie, Intel®N5105
  • Intel®N5105
  • Supports 3 displays configuration by multiple interface
1-9 pieces €226.22 incl. VAT.
R1505I-IM-B mini-ITX ASUS, Industrie Serie, AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen R1505
  • AMD Ryzen
  • 7-year longevity supply
  • DC in power
1-9 pieces €387.23 incl. VAT.
PASSIVE-COOLER-F5000-C019 Passiver Kühler für D3713-V/R, max. 15W TDP
Passive heatsink kit
  • Passive cooler
  • Full aluminium
  • max. 15W TDP
1-9 pieces €26.18 incl. VAT.
ACTIVE-COOLER-F5000-C020 Aktiver Kühler für D3713-V/R, max. 54W TDP
Active heatsink kit
  • Active cooler
  • Copper/aluminium with fan
  • max. 54W TDP
1-9 pieces €55.93 incl. VAT.
IMB-154D mini-ITX ASRock Ind. Series, with N3150 processor
Intel®Braswell SoC Processor N3150
  • Intel® SoC Processor N3150, QC, 1,6 GHz, 6W
  • +12V or +19V~+24V DC-In/ ATX PWR
1-9 pieces €212.89 incl. VAT.
T1NA-BSI7-E125Z-1 CPU Cooler for LGA 115x, 1U heat sink axial fan
1U active cooling with axial fan
  • Socket Type: LGA115X
  • Heat Sink Material: Copper
1-9 pieces €47.48 incl. VAT.
D3543-S2 mini-ITX Kontron Industrie Serie, Celeron J4105
Intel® Celeron®J4105
  • Intel® Celeron® J4105([email protected]) Max. 10W TDP, Gemini Lake
  • Wide range DC Input 8V-24VDC
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