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Supercap DC UPS with wide-range input 16...32 VDC
60W / 16-32V / 12V 5A / Supercaps DC/DC converter with UPS function
  • DC UPS with wide-range input 16...32VDC and uninterruptible 12VDC output
  • Maintenance-free supercaps for energy storage
  • High cycle stability >500.000
  • Charge time <60 sec at maximum charge current
  • Extended temperature range -20...+70°C
  • Active reverse polarity protection
  • Power Fail signal via relay, RS232 connection
  • Reboot Function
  • Operation of UPS at host without software possible
  • Output release from 90% supercap capacity
  • 3 years warranty
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The Supercap DC UPS with wide-range input 16...32 VDC bridges fluctuations, dips or failures of... more

Uninterruptible 12VDC power supply!
Powerful DC UPS module with maintenance-free Supercaps and wide-range input 16… 32VDC

The robust DC2412-UPSDP2 is a maintenance-free 12VDC emergency power supply for flexible DIN-Rail mounting. To protect against voltage fluctuations, flicker, voltage drops or failures in the supply voltage, the DC UPS modules are equipped with ultracapacitors (so-called Supercaps) as energy storage devices that work on the principle of double-layer capacitors (EDLC).

Due to the high cycle stability (> 500,000 charging and discharging cycles), the Supercap UPS impresses with a particularly long service life and is maintenance-free. This means an increase in long-term availability while minimizing the maintenance effort of the supplied system. Due to the high power density and the comprehensive interface and functional equipment, integration in a variety of safety-relevant applications is possible.

The compact DC UPS module in an aluminum chassis for DIN rail mounting ensures the reliable and uninterrupted power supply of 12VDC consumers such as embedded IPCs, controls, motor drives, sensors, actuators, cameras, displays, payment and safety technology.

Supercaps - short charging times, long service life!

For uninterruptible DC power supplies, there are absolutely maintenance-free long-life Supercaps (ultra-capacitors) available as highly efficient and particularly long-lasting energy storage devices with more than 500,000 charge and discharge cycles in the area of short and medium bridging times. In contrast to batteries, which store energy via a detour through a chemical reaction, Supercaps are based on electrophysical principles and are charged and ready for use within a very short time. Under comparable operating conditions, Supercaps have a service life that is up to ten times longer than that of classic lead-acid batteries. Energy storage systems with supercapacitors also impress with their high current carrying capacity, power density and reliability.

The DC-UPS module DC2412-UPSDP2 is equipped with high-quality Supercaps (3x 480F capacity), which are fully charged in a maximum of 60 seconds. The highly efficient design allows fanless 24/7 continuous operation in the extended temperature range from -20 to +70°C.

'Power Sharing' with intelligent input current detection

The system electronics with DC/DC converter provides the nominal 12VDC output voltage in normal operation, charges the Supercaps and monitors the voltage thresholds at the input. If the voltage falls below the defined threshold, the Supercap UPS switches over to UPS backup mode within fractions of a second and provides an uninterruptible and regulated DC voltage supply at the output. The intelligent distribution of the charging currents (PowerSharing) at the input ensures that the upstream AC/DC power supply has not to be oversized, due to the input power is kept constant and is distributed appropriately to the DC load and the Supercap charger. With low load at the output, more energy flows into the Supercap charger and vice versa.

The Supercap DC UPS with wide-range input 16...32 VDC bridges fluctuations, dips or failures of applied supply voltage and provides uninterruptible 12 VDC output. Supercaps are particularly durable, cycle-resistant and maintenance-free. The Supercaps are charged during normal operation and ensure the uninterruptible power supply. The highly efficient design enables fanless operation in the extended industrial temperature range. The built-in reboot feature allows the system to reboot when the input voltage returns during shutdown or at another time. Via the BIOS, the start function can be activated when input voltage is applied. In addition, a dip switch can be used to enable the output of the UPS only when the capacitors have reached more than 90% of their charge. The operation at the host is also possible without software. The DC2412-UPSDP2 is the fail-safe 12VDC power supply with ultra-capacitors for IoT / Industrial 4.0, kiosk, POI / POS, signage, medical devices and many more!

WEEE-Nr: DE18400369

DRL-24V120W1AS 120W / 24V / 5A Hutschienennetzteil 1Ph
120W / 24V
  • Built-in constant current circuit for reactive loads
  • Full power from -10°C to +50°C
  • Built-in DC OK relay contact
1-9 pieces €46.89 incl. VAT.
UPSI-2406DP2 96W / 24V 4A / Supercap
96W / 24VDC / 24VDC 4A
  • DC UPS with integrated Supercap
  • Ambient temperature range -20...+65°C
  • Power-fail Timer
  • With UPSGen2 configuration software
1-9 pieces €268.82 incl. VAT.
UPSI-2406D 144W / 24V 6A / DIN rail Version
144W / 24VDC / 24VDC 6A
  • Flexible DC-UPS for LiFePo and SuperCaps
  • USB and RS232 interface
  • Incl. UPSGen2 configuration software
  • Advanced battery protection
1-9 pieces €218.60 incl. VAT.
DC2412 110W / 18-30V / 12V
110W / 18-30VDC Input
  • DC/DC converter 24V to 12V
  • High efficiency up to 94%
  • 3 years warranty
1-9 pieces €59.62 incl. VAT.
UPSI-2412DP2 240W / 24V 10A / DIN Rail / USB / RS232 Interface
240W / 24VDC / 24VDC 10A
  • Integrated maintenance-free Supercaps
  • Up to 500 000 cycles
  • Operating temperature range -20°…+70°C
1-9 pieces €543.59 incl. VAT.
DRU-24V40ABN 960W / 24V 40A / Blei (SLA)
960W / 24V/40A
  • DC-UPS for lead acid batteries
  • Operation temperature range from -20°C to +60°C
  • Full corrosion resistant Aluminium chassis
  • Low budget UPS solution
1-9 pieces €65.09 incl. VAT.
DRU-24V10ACZ 240W / 24V 10A / Blei (SLA)
240W / 24V/10A
  • DC-UPS for lead acid batteries
  • Zero switch over time from loss of DC input
  • Full power from -20°C to +60°C
  • Low budget UPS solution
1-9 pieces €39.15 incl. VAT.
UPSIC-1205 60W / 12V 5A / Supercap / Open Frame
60W / 12VDC / 12VDC 5A
  • Compact 12V DC-UPS
  • SuperCaps - maintenance-free
  • Software UPS Control Center
  • Reboot function
1-9 pieces €186.35 incl. VAT.
UPSI-2406DP1 96W / 24V 4A / Li-Ion Batterie
96W / 24VDC / 24VDC 4A
  • DC UPS with integrated Li-Ion battery
  • Minimum load detection
  • Power-fail Timer
  • Incl. UPSGen2 configuration software
1-9 pieces €284.65 incl. VAT.
LCM600L-T-A 600W / 85-264VAC / 12V / 52A
600W / 12VDC / 52A
  • 600W output power
  • Low cost
  • Temperature range -40...+70°C
  • I2CBus
1-9 pieces €228.00 incl. VAT.
IUPS-401 400VA / 230VAC / 50/60Hz
400VA / 230VAC / 50/60Hz
  • Integrated, space-saving UPS solution
  • USB interface
  • Reboot function
  • Wall bracket available
1-9 pieces €188.14 incl. VAT.
APD045T-A200 USB Type-C P.D. 45 Watt Series - Desktop Type
15-45W / USB Type-C
  • Desktop adapter for industry
  • USB Type-C
  • IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 & 60950-1
  • CEC Level VI & ErP Stage 2 conform
1-9 pieces €22.73 incl. VAT.
BDCD-5012C 50W / 18-36V / +12V
50W / 18-36VDC / 12V
  • DC/DC converter DIN rail
  • 2:1 input voltage range
  • Temperature range -40...+105°C
  • Input/Output isolation 1500VDC
1-9 pieces €59.26 incl. VAT.
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