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Industrial DC PC power supply / 600W / -48V / TÜV / UL / DC-DC / PS2 / 24-7 / 62368-1

Powerful industrial PC Power Supply with -48VDC input

  • -48VDC input voltage
  • Designed for applications in industry, telecommunication and transportation
  • TÜV and UL approved
  • EN/UL 62368-1 certified
  • High efficiency >80%
  • Strong 12V rail (45 A) for high performance grafic applications
  • No minimum load required
  • Ball beared and temperature controlled fan with tachometer signal for monitoring
  • 3 years warranty
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Weight: 2.28 kg

The DC PC power supply BES-560T has been designed for use in industry, telecom and transport.... more

Certified according to EN/UL 62368-1:
Powerful industrial PC power supply with wide-range DC input

The DC IPC PSU BES-560T was developed for operation on –48 VDC networks. It is ideally suited for use in industrial environment, as well as in logistics and transportation. Due to the wide input voltage range from -36 to -72 VDC, the robustly constructed power supply unit is insensitive to strong fluctuations of the input voltage.

With an output power of 600 Watt, the BES-560T reliably supplies powerful industrial PCs and computers for image processing. The particularly robust Industrial PC power supply unit is designed for long-term 24/7 continuous operation. The BES-560T is characterized by a high efficiency of 80% and an extended working temperature range from 0°C to 70°C. The power supply unit can be started from a temperature of -20°C.


The BES-560T is certified according to the latest safety standard EN/UL 62368-1. The power supply unit has an earthing bolt for reliable equipotential bonding. The high quality of the components used and the excellent circuit design are reflected in a MTBF of more than 141,236 hours according to MIL-HDBK-217F at + 25°C WITH fan.

Powerful +12V ATX output with 45A for high-performance graphics applications

With a high current of 45A on the +12 VDC output, the BES-560T has enough reserves to reliably and safely supply particularly power-hungry graphics applications under industrial environmental conditions. Reverse polarity protection at the input as well as short circuit and overvoltage protection at the outputs ensure additional operational reliability. All outputs do not require any base load.

Our industrial PC power supplies with DC input are used worldwide in a variety of applications: Industry 4.0, automation, transportation, commercial and measuring vehicles, communication technology, energy, POS / POI systems, monitoring and security technology and many more.

Ball-bearing branded fan with temperature control and tachometer signal

The cooling - and thus the fan - is an important quality and reliability factor! That is why we only equip the BES-560T with fans from well-known brand manufacturers. The power supply units have a separate tachometer signal output for permanent function monitoring of the fan. This ensures the permanent availability of the supplied computer system even in demanding applications. The temperature-controlled fan also reduces the noise generated by the ball-bearing fan to a minimum.

FR4 board with through-hole plating and customer-specific adjustments

The high-quality printed circuit boards in FR4 industrial quality are considerably more dimensionally stable and more durable than inexpensive hard paper boards. The through-hole plating of the board ensures robust and permanent solder connections. Optionally, if desired, parts and components can also be fixed with a high-quality adhesive and thus protected against increased shock and vibration loads. Customized protective lacquer coatings are also possible.

Any questions? We are happy to help!

The DC PC power supply BES-560T has been designed for use in industry, telecom and transport. Thanks to its broad input voltage range of –36 to –72VDC it can be supplied via –48VDC as well as –60VDC power networks. With a high output power load of +12VDC it is capable of safely supplying the necessary power for high-performance graphic applications. The fan on roller bearing is temperature controlled and provides a tachometer signal for monitoring.
Output voltage: ATX
Mounting: ATX
Input voltage: DC
Output power in W: 600
Input voltage DC in V: -48

WEEE-Nr: DE18400369

BES-640T Industrie DC PC-Netzteil
400W / -48VDC Input
  • DC PC power supply
  • Powerful 12V/30A output
1-9 pieces €388.06 incl. VAT.
BEH-522C Industrie DC PC-Netzteil / 1HE
220W / 24VDC input
  • 24VDC Input
  • Ball bearing fan
  • No minimum load required
  • 3 years warranty
1-9 pieces €306.78 incl. VAT.
MHG2-5300G-B1 PC-Netzteil für Medizintechnik / 80+ Gold
300W / ATX / Medical
  • 300W output power
  • Approval to EN/UL/cUL 60601-1, CCC
  • Low noise <27dB(A)
  • Designed for continuous operation 24/7
1-9 pieces €228.84 incl. VAT.
BES-540C Industrie DC PC-Netzteil
400W / 24VDC Input
  • DC PC power supply
  • TÜV and UL approved
  • High efficiency >81%
  • 3 years warranty
1-9 pieces €347.96 incl. VAT.
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